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Text analytics consulting

We know how important text is to understanding what is happening inside of your organization and that you need to be able to find, use and discover connections in your content, long after it is first produced. Text analytics helps with both understanding and discovery by deriving high quality information from text.


With our 15 years of experience creating, producing and analyzing content, we understand how people write, store and think about it. We also have a deep understand of the science behind turning text into data through the use of machines and software.


With this union of experience and knowledge, we can help you quickly solve information issues that impact your business and identify the ways your organization can benefit from text analytics.

Taxonomy and ontology design

We are experts at building taxonomies and ontologies that organize, increase findability of, and enhance search of enterprise content. Those taxonomies and ontologies are often used to auto-classify content and help manage metadata that drive text analytics and quality search results. We also have experience creating triples for triple stores such as MarkLogic, and we understand RDF, RDFa and SKOS.

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Content Strategy

Content strategy ensures that visitors find the information on a website useful and relevant and creates a meaningful interactive experience. We create content strategy plans that take a content-first approach that lays the groundwork for the creation, publication, and governance of relevant, relatable, and usable content. They also set the tone for the site and related content.

Information architecture


Information architecture is essential for successful knowledge and information management within organizations. It starts with understanding the organization – its needs, individuals, technology capabilities and business goals. It proceeds with careful planning and succeeds with thoughtful understanding of content.

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